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KAO Lauríer - Sanitary Napkins - Happy Bare Skin For Daytime 22.5cm With Wings 20 Pieces

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Instant absorption. Gentle fit for sensitive skin during menstruation.

● With soft waffle sheet designed to minimize irritation (same as the “fluffy and bumpy surface sheet” in existing products). Makes minimal contact with skin and reduces irritation due to chafing as well as discomfort due to stuffiness.

● Quickly absorbs heavy flow that comes all at once and prevents stickiness. Keeps skin dry.

● Made with 100% breathable materials for relieving stuffiness to keep you comfortable. (excluding adhesive strip)

Package & Size: 22.5cm * 20 pieces, with wings.

Made in Japan

Note: as Japanese products always change the package design, photo is for display only, please refer to the actual product received.

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