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KAO Lauríer - Sanitary Napkins - Super Absorbent Guard Panty Style Sanitary Pads 48cm - Loose Size L - 5 Pieces

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``Loose L size'' that is loose around the waist.A "haku napkin" that combines a napkin and shorts in one, wraps the whole thing and blocks leakage in all directions!48cm super long absorbent material that fully covers the waist.Even at night when you're worried, you'll feel safe until the morning.

Furthermore, it's designed to fit snugly in the cleavage of your buttocks, so it won't create any uneasy gaps even when you turn over in your sleep.The strongest absorbency in Laurier night napkins.For nights when you definitely don't want to leak.

Package & Size: Size L, 5 pieces.

Made in Japan

Note: as Japanese products always change the package design, photo is for display only, please refer to the actual product received.

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