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KAO Lauríer - Happy Skin Super Slim Especially for Night Use with Wings 35cm - 10pcs

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esigned specifically for sensitive skin, say goodbye to skin allergies.

Low irritation design with air-feeling soft surface.
The surface is designed with uneven surface to reduce the contact area with the skin and avoid discomfort. Free from skin friction.

Speedy absorbency
Absorbing power increased by 125%, free from stickiness.
Absorbed quickly to keep you comfort even during your heaviest flow.
With leak-proof wings to prevent side leakage.

Ultra dryness with high breathability
Breathability increased by 150%. And the speedy absorption power makes the surface dry quickly.
Contain a large number of water-absorbing beads to lock the water in the inner layer.
Skin-friendly material, soft, comfortable and breathable.

Lightweight packaging. You can put it in a pocket to carry around.

35cm long with wide hip cover for full protection to prevent back leakage, for heavy to extra heavy night use.

Made in Japan.

Note: As Japanese product packaging is often limited/revisioned, if the photo is too late to be replaced, please refer to the actual product received.

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