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KAO Lauríer - Happy Bare Skin Botanical Cotton - For Large Daytime 22.5cm With Wings 16 Pieces

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Almost Gone

Product Description

● 100% botanical cotton domestic surface sheet adopted.The skin is smooth and extremely soft.
● It absorbs menstrual blood quickly even if it comes out, and it keeps your skin dry because it is not sticky.
● 100% air permeable material prevents stuffiness and is comfortable.(Except for the anti-slip tape)
● A faint scent of lavender and chamomile.
● 6 times more absorbent polymer (compared to “Laurier skin beautiful guard with wings for night use”)


● Please consult a doctor if it does not suit your skin.
● Wrap napkins in individual wraps after use.
● Do not flush it down the toilet.
● Please dispose of used napkins in the dedicated box.

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