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KAO Curél - Intensive Moisture Care - Foaming Shampoo Pump 480ml

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Almost Gone

Product Description

·  Prevents scalp problems such as dandruff, itchiness and dryness, and finishes the hair as smooth as your fingers.

·  Removes sebum and dirt while protecting the essential ingredient ceramide for a healthy scalp with mild cleaning prescription.

·  The soft foam that comes out just by pushing the pump spreads to the hair and scalp, and quickly cleans away dirt and sebum from the scalp.

·  Easy to wash.

·  Easy to rinse with good foam breakage.

·  Prevents dandruff and itching.

·  Contains a plant-derived anti-inflammatory agent (active ingredient).

·  It can also be used on the delicate skin of babies.

·  Weakly acidic, Fragrance-free, Color-free & Alcohol-free (no ethyl alcohol added).

How to use:

·  Before shampooing, thoroughly moisten the skin and hair, and apply foam (about 6 presses) to the entire hair to wash.

·  Increase or decrease the amount used depending on the length and amount of hair.

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