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KAO Bioré - UV Aqua Rich Aqua Protection Lotion 70ml SPF50+ PA++++

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Product Description


Product Description:

Biore's UV Aqua Rich Aqua Protect Lotion is a water-based sunscreen goes on like water and transform into a water-rich, mask-like texture on the skin. Biore's adhesive outer skin formula with encapsulated UV filters is dispersed in Aqua Nano Capsules, forming a thin and even UV-blocking film that adheres uniformly like a second layer of skin. Skin feels perfectly hydrated and smooth. This can be used for face and body. It can also be used as a makeup base.

UV Protection: SPF50+ PA++++


How To Use:Apply an appropriate amount to areas that need sun protection, such as the face and body.Reapply frequently for sufficient sun protection.

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