Grosmimi Replacement Straw (Stage 1)

Grosmimi Replacement Straw (Stage 1)

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Straw teat is made up with platinum silicone which is very hygienic and safe, BPA free material.
-The smoothness of the straw protects baby’s teeth and gum
-It can be used in 2-way system, baby can drink while sitting down with the tube, or drinking in a lying down position without the tube.
-Silicone straw nipple teat comes in 2 different stages, same cut but different intensity, Stage 1 suites from 6 month+, Stage 2 suites for 12 month+.
-“+”cut prevents any leaking, the straw can be cut into appropriate length according to the height of the cup during use.

Suitable for : 6M+

Country of Origin: Korea