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Grosmimi - PPSU Ocean Edition Straw CUP 200ml Cream Beige

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Almost Gone

Product Description

-New Ocean design with One Touch Dome Cap.
-Suitable for ages 6 months and up.
-Dishwasher and hot water disinfection safe, making it easy to clean.
-Soft silicone straw made from food grade liquid silicone.
-360º ergonomic handle are removable, easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands.



  • One-touch type of cap allows easy open/close for baby to use.

  • “+ Cut” straw teat prevents any leakage from the bottle.

  • Using without the tube helps the first time users to get used to the straw cup.

  • The air valve prevents backflow due to differences in temperature and pressure inside and outside the bottle.

  • It can be completely separated for hygienic cleaning, and easy to assembled after cleaning.

  • PPSU, the FDA approved material in USA provides for high heat resistance and durability.


  • Keep away from fire and direct sunlight.

  • The print on the bottle may be erased depending on the environment of use.

  • Be careful not to put any parts accurately before using it.

  • Keep it out of the reach of children and use it with guardian.

  • It can create backflows by the pressure difference if you put cold, hot beverage(above 40ºC), or soda.

  • Do not give a strong impact, such as dropping or bumping. It may cause damage, injury, and leakage of contents.

  • Bubbles, spots, or micro scratches may occur during the molding process, and this is not a defective product. (No exchangeable or returnable)


  • Be sure to detach all the parts, and clean/sterilize it before using it.

  • Please follow the proper way of washing on the information page inside in order to wash straw teat correctly.

  • The teat may have silicone smell. When it is too much, wash the teat with gentle cleanser, and let it dry naturally for a day.

  • To prevent damages to the product, use a soft bottle brush.

  • Please follow the way of sterilizing in hot water on next page, and be extra careful of burns.

  • UV sterilizer can be used, but long periods of use may cause discoloration, deformation, or lamp odor.

  • When using the dishwasher, printing may peel off, or it can damage the product due to collision caused by auto-cleaning. (One Touch Cap cannot be used in the dishwasher.)

  • Make sure to clean and dry immediately after use. (If not, the bottle may be stained or smelly.)

  • Be careful of the bottles not to touch the pot directly when sterilizing in hot water, as deformation of the bottle may occur.

  • Not following the instructions of using or cleaning may damage the product, and may not be exchangeble or refundable for this reason.


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