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Green Bell Takumi's work 匠の技 - Family Grooming Kit 9 Beauty Repair Tools LB G-3109

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At the time of travel or business trip. It is a grooming kit that will groom you anytime, anywhere. For Father's Day and birthday gifts. With a stylish case.

[Set contents] nipper grazing, catcher nail clipper, screw earpick, tsumeyasuri, multi knife, cut cut, safety scissors, surprise hair pulling mini (diagonal ahead), nail cleaner
[Size] W93× H145×D25mm
[Weight] 263g
Real sharpness cultivated from Amazon
traditional technique blade uses carefully selected stainless steel or special carburizing material, and has excellent sharpness (well cut) and durability due to high hardness hardening and twice cutting technology. Also, the finishing polishing and adjustment of the final finish by skilled craftsmen ensures excellent sharpness.
Made in Japan.

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