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Green Bell Takumi's Work 匠の技 - Stainless Steel High Quality Nail Clipper S with Metal Catcher G-1115

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Product Description

A convenient nail clipper that cuts fine details!

The blade is made of stainless steel and has excellent durability and sharpness due to high hardness quenching and double edge technology.In addition, the lever part on which you put your finger is made thick using a zinc die-casting method, so the applied force is transmitted reliably and you can easily cut even hard nails.S size is perfect for small nails and allows for easy turning.The file on the back of the lever has fine grains for a smooth finish.Comes with a metal catcher to reduce nail scattering.The magnetic catcher case is easily removable, making it easy to throw away trash!

Product number: G-1115

Product name: Stainless steel high quality nail clipper S with metal catcher

Product total length: 74mm

Product weight:35g

Package size: H130xW48xD23mm

Blade / Stainless steel knife
lever / Zinc alloy, nickel plated finish
Catcher / Stainless steel, neodymium magnet
File / Stainless steel special processing (etching)

Made in Japan

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