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GraviTrax - PRO Starter-Set Extreme

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Take your marble run to the edge with the “GraviTrax PRO Extreme Starter-Set”!

Test your creative limits and the laws of physics with the “GraviTrax PRO Extreme Starter-Set”! Vertical components and four action accessories from the PRO series (Splitter, Mixer, Turntable, Helix) combine to create more challenges, more possibilities, and more extreme fun! Set up’s a snap as children explore STEM concepts while engaging in independent, creative play. Simply add more accessories for endless possibilities to experience the power of gravity and educational fun today!

GraviTrax construction sets are a creative, modular, expandable track system that challenges children to use their imagination and STEM-friendly concepts to design and build their own marble runs!

Comes complete with instructions and construction plan, and 185 pieces: 6 metal marbles, 6 rugged 12” x 12” card bases, 2 large/2 small transparent levels, 1 Magnetic Cannon, 1 Splitter, 1 Mixer, 1 Turntable, 1 Helix, 1 Spinner, 35 curves, 3 merge tiles, 56 large/12 small height tiles, 5 X-intersection tiles, 1 loop curve, 1 3-in-1, 2 switches, 24 tracks (3 long, 6 medium, 15 short), 8 short Bernoulli tracks, 2 medium walls, 4 pillars, 2 tunnel pillars, 4 balconies, 2 double balconies, 2 vortex, 4 bases for inserts (2 catchers, 1 freefall, 1 splash), 1 finish line.

Lasting durability for girls and boys ages 8 and up, it’s the learning toy children (and savvy adults) return to over and over again!


1 Instructions, construction plan booklet, 6 base plates, 2 transparent levels large, 2 transparent levels small, 6 balls, 1 magnetic cannon, 1 Splitter, 1 Mixer, 1 Turntable, 1 3D Crossing, 1 Spinner, 35 curves, 4 new curve tiles, 5 junctions, 2 switches, 1 3-in-1 block, 1 vortex, 3 long plastic tracks, 6 medium plastic tracks, 15 short plastic tracks, 8 Bernoulli plastic tracks short, 1 wall medium, 6 pillars, 4 balconies, 2 double-balconies, 1 finish line, 4 basic tiles, inserts for basic tiles: 2 catchers, 1 freefall, 1 splash, 1 landing

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