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Febreze W Disinfecting + Deodorizing Spray for Cloth Premium Clean Laundry Body (370ml)

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Product Description

Discover the superior freshness of P&G Gold Febreze Premium Laundry Spray. This powerful 370ml aerosol spray offers double the sterilization power, ensuring your fabrics are not only deodorized but also hygienically clean with a delightful clean laundry scent.


Double Sterilization Deodorizer: Say goodbye to tough odors and hello to lasting freshness. This premium formula not only eliminates unpleasant smells but also provides double the sterilization power, leaving your fabrics clean and hygienic.

4-in-1 Action: This single product offers a comprehensive approach to fabric care. It deodorizes, sterilizes, removes viruses, and prevents mold growth, all with just one spray.

3D Penetration Technology: The innovative technology ensures that the deodorizing and sterilizing agents penetrate deep into the fibers, leaving your fabrics truly clean from within.

Clean Laundry Fragrance: Revel in the delightful scent of fresh, clean laundry with every spray. The gentle and refreshing fragrance is perfect for all fabric types.

Usage Instructions:

Suitable for all fabrics that are not washable with bleach or detergent.

For clothes: Spray evenly on both sides, approximately 6 times each.

For futons and carpets: Use as a guide for about 20 sprays.

For suit jackets and uniforms: Use as a guide for about 10 sprays.

Ingredients:The formula includes powerful deodorizing agents, double sterilization technology, and a refreshing clean laundry fragrance.


Highest Level of Deodorizing and Sterilizing Agents:Formulated with the highest level of deodorizing and sterilizing agents*, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean for fabrics touching the skin and households with children.

Effective Against Stubborn Odors:Say goodbye to tough odors, including those with stains.

Safe for Fabrics and Skin:Safe for fabrics that touch the skin and suitable for households with children.

Versatile Use:Ideal for use on futons, beds, sofas, pillows, cushions, and more.

Why Choose P&G Gold Febreze?P&G Gold Febreze Premium Laundry Spray sets the gold standard in fabric care. With its double sterilization deodorizer, powerful 4-in-1 action, and delightful clean laundry fragrance, you can trust P&G Gold Febreze to keep your fabrics fresh and clean.

Experience the Double Sterilization Power of P&G Gold Febreze Premium Laundry Spray!

Packaging Disclaimer:Please note that this product features Japanese labeling. Actual packaging may vary from the image shown, as design updates may occur without prior notice.

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