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Febreze W Disinfecting + Deodorizing Spray for Cloth, No Fragrance (370 ml)

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Almost Gone

Product Description

Easy Spray When You Have No Time To Rewash
Fast Deodorizing * + Wrinkle Remover ** Removes viruses from clothing, shoes, futons, sofas, and more** + 72 hours antibacterial deodorant** Simply spray it to disinfect. **& Deodorization*
Use as futon or pillow on sofa or carpet
For the rainy season season and when you change clothes.
After going out.
Can also be used in homes with clothing that touches the skin or with children.
* Based on the average spray time of consumer, the deodorizing and wrinkling process is compared to laundering. It does not clean dirt. **Tested under specific bacteria, envelope viruses and wrinkles. Not all bacteria, viruses, and wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is cotton clothing and tested when not in use. Effects may vary depending on the material and usage of the garment.
Fabric Deodorizer

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