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Febreze W Disinfecting + Deodorising Spray for Cloth with Green Tea Ingredients 370ml

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Almost Gone

Product Description

3D penetrating disinfectant* allows deodorizing and disinfecting ingredients to penetrate deep into the fibers. Deodorizing, disinfecting, removing viruses, and even antibacterial for 72 hours. * Tested under specific bacteria and conditions Some bacteria are not eligible

Spray it on and stretch it to remove wrinkles. Tested under specific wrinkles and conditions (Not all wrinkles have the same effect. Wrinkle removal is cotton clothing and tested when not in use. Effects may vary depending on the material and usage of the garment. )

A light green tea scent

Cannot be used on products that cannot be washed around the body (futon, carpet, pillow, cushion, etc.), leather or Japanese clothing

Brandt Name: Febreze

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