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EminasⓇ - Face Wash Paper Towel Muhuhu - 120 sheets per pack

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Muhuhu, a paper towel specifically designed for face washing, is now available!
A paper towel specifically designed for face washing for those who care about their skin.
In a survey conducted on women in their teens to 40s, approximately 20% of them had graduated from wiping their faces with cloth towels.Especially among women in their 20s, more than 30% quit using towels!

For those who have graduated from towels or those who are thinking of graduating from towels, eminas proposes "paper towel for face washing muhuhu"!

The large sheet size allows you to gently wrap your face for a sense of security, and the gentle yet firm paper quality soothes your skin.A new product with a package design and product name that expresses the feeling of `
`I want to praise myself for taking care of my skin.''mu‿huhu (huhuhu) After washing your face, your bare skin becomes very defenseless.

・120 sheets per pack

・Seat size (220mm x 230mm)

Made in Japan

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