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EminasⓇ - Multi Use Baby Water Wipes 50 sheets/pack x 12 packs (1 Carton)

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Almost Gone

Product Description

Eminas Multi Use Baby Wipes are a gentle, 99.9% water formula that are perfect for newborns and the entire family. The smooth and gentle sheets are perfect for wiping anything from bottoms to hands, and the opening flap makes it easier to take out the sheets. Each package contains 50 pieces, making this great for using on the go. With its fun, outdoor-inspired design, Eminas Multi Use Baby Wipes makes life with your growing child a breeze.


The Multi Use Baby Wipes'' has joined the eminas lineup.

"It's called a baby wipe, but it's actually used for a lot more than just wiping the baby's bottom." Based on this feedback, we aimed to create a product that can be used in a variety of ways in the everyday life of your child.

Key Features:

*A 99.9% water formula that is gentle on the skin and can be used with confidence by newborns and the entire family.

*Smooth and gentle sheet that can be used not only for baby wipes but also for hand wipes and body wipes.

*An opening flap makes it even easier to take out the sheet. 

EminasⓇ Multi Use Baby Wipes are a reliable product that you can use anytime , anywhere.

A package that evokes the image of a fun outing with your rapidly growing child. 

50 sheets per bag included 

・12 pieces/case

Seat size (150mm x 200mm)

About the Brand:

Eminas is manufactured by Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd, a Japanese paper manufacture company established in 1919, in Kawanoe, Japan.

Over the century, Marusumi has become one of the leading newspaper factories in Japan with multiple mills in its Oe factory and Kinsey factory, and a plantation forest in Whangarei, New Zealand for the supplying of wood chips from conifer trees to make paper since 1995.

EminasⓇ is a brand new wet wipe product line of Marusumi which is focusing on producing the all sorts of wipes and  paper towel for household paper during daily use.

All of the EminasⓇ products is made in Japan.



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