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EDISON - Kids Training Chopstick Right Handed - Disney Micky Mouse

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Product Description

Let's experience "I made it!" with your favorite character!

Motivation is supported just by putting your finger in the ring.
Chopsticks designed with popular Disney characters from children to adults.
Every time you use it, your legs move and it's so cute!
Have fun dining with Mickey, Minnie, and Pooh!

"Edison's ChopsticksI" are chopsticks for children from 2 years old to preschool.

Enjoy a meal with your favorite character!

"Edison's chopsticks" that you can use chopsticks immediately just by inserting your finger into the ring.A cute Disney series has appeared in

Edison's chopsticksI !
With a classic design that has been loved by many people for a long time, children and adults alike will be fascinated by it.

Easy-to-grab chopstick tips

The flat tip of the chopsticks has a non-slip finish, making it easy to grip even slippery ingredients.

Chopsticks full of Edison's unique ingenuity can be used well just by putting your finger in the ring, so you can feel "I did it!" and support your motivation.

Target age: 2 years old to preschool

Kinds: Right hand/Mickey Mouse

Material (Heat resistant temperature):

Chopstick body: ABS resin (90°C)
Ring: Silicone rubber (170°C)

Care instructions:

× Microwave oven
× Dishwasher/dryer
× Boiling sterilization
〇 Chemical disinfection

Chopsticks: 50 x 40 x 185mm/23g
Ring inner diameter: 14mm

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