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BabyBjörn - Baby Plate, Spoon & Fork – Two Sets - Made in Sweden

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Product Description


The BabyBjörn baby plate set is designed to make self-feeding easy for the little ones! With cutlery designed for little hands, and a trefoil plate design that makes scooping up yummy food easy, this plate set makes feeding time a breeze.

A BabyBjörn plate – sturdy and hard to tip over

The BabyBjörn plates trefoil design and low edges make it hard for your child to grab a hold of the plate and let fly! A rubber strip on the underside prevents small slips and spills. The plate is designed to be easy to clean. It is made of two parts that can be easily separated and placed in the dishwasher.

BabyBjörn Spoon and Fork

This BabyBjörn set comes with a spoon and fork designed for little hands. The short handles make the cutlery easy to manoeuvre, and a ring at the base helps your child keep their grip. The BabyBjörn Spoon and Fork also have grooves on the back that keep them from sliding in from the edge of the plate.

Encourage self-feeding with the BabyBjörn plate, spoon and fork

Small slippery hands can make feeding time a very messy affair, but you can avoid the worst of it with the BabyBjörn Baby Plate, Spoon and Fork set. To complete the picture, look to the BabyBjörn Long Sleeve Bib.

Encouraging your little one to feed themselves doesn’t have to be a struggle. The Babybjörn plate, spoon and fork are all designed to let your child learn at their own pace and make it easy to clean up afterwards.

The entire set is made of a durable plastic that is BPA-Free and comes in several delightful colour options. The material is certified as safe for food, and the design is suitable for those aged approximately four months and over.

Made in Sweden

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