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Anpanman - Go Sorting Puzzle

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Almost Gone

Product Description

This is an educational toy that you can play by putting puzzle pieces into the holes of Anpanman.
Thinking about which hole the shape of the puzzle piece fits into and playing with your hands will encourage brain development.

Contains 6 types of puzzle pieces, 2 cute pieces with Anpanman and Baikinman dolls, and 4 triangle pieces.
The puzzle pieces are made of soft material that is safe for children.
When taking out the puzzle piece from inside, open Anpanman's face and take it out.
When you're done playing, clean up everything inside Anpanman Go!
Anpanman Go has a handle, so you can put the pieces inside and carry it around.

Anpanman main body, 6 types of puzzle pieces (round shape with Anpanman doll, eight-pointed star shape with Baikinman doll, trapezoid, hexagon, cross, triangle)

Suitable for age 2 years+

Size:W30 x H160 x D195mm

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