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AMOS - Sun Deco - Animal Kit

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Almost Gone

Product Description

High quality glass deco paints for creating individual stained glass and decorating glass, porcelain, mirrors, tiles and other surfaces.

Vivid colors, easy application
Dry pattern can be moved from foil to other surface
Possible to use with other techniques: Glitter Glue, i-CLAY® Ciasto-Plasto®

For Age: 3+ years
Capacity: 10.5 ml
Made in South Korea

How to Make:
1. Fill colors with Glass Deco in various shapes of Suncatchers
2. Place the colored Sunchatchers on even surface and let the dry (approx. 8hrs)
3. Link the Suncatchers with a fishline or a chain and use them for your purpose and fun

Set contains:
6 paint colors
6 ready-to-use suncatchers to paint

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