Béaba brings beautiful designs to life. Practical and long lasting, the Babycook food maker range makes catering for your little one a breeze. If you’ve been searching for a place to purchase your very own Béaba kitchenware, you’ve come to the right place!

At Panda Kids, we’re all about giving new parents access to the best in everything for their bundle of joy. If you’ve found yourself successfully navigating the weaning process, only to find that cooking up and feeding your baby or toddler nutritious meals is proving to be almost as much work, a Béaba Babycook baby food maker might be the right choice for you.

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Make cooking for your baby a breeze!

Béaba Babycook takes the complexity out of producing nutritious meals for your little one. Products like the Babycook Solo let you steam cook and blend food all the way from frozen in 15 minutes or less.
Steam cooking means that all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs stay where they need to be, in your baby’s meal. With an easy one-handed operation across so much of the Béaba Babycook range, there’s no reason to stress about keeping your baby fed again!

Béaba – sleek and functional designs that won’t take over your countertops

Béaba have produced the Babycook product line to accommodate all sorts of needs. A variety of capacities means that you have the choice of what you need. Looking to batch up multiple meals before freezing them? Go big! Just want a sleek and discrete appliance to take the grunt work out of getting a meal ready? Go for the Babycook Solo.

The Béaba Babycook range is the smarter choice for your kitchen. With one of these appliances, you can cut precious time out of your meal preparation and keep your evenings free of the usual mess. A sleek footprint and minimalist design keep your Béaba Babycook out of the way.

The smarter choice for your baby

The Béaba Babycook range is among the best in baby food makers. Beyond being easy to use and taking up only a small space in your kitchen, Béaba have looked after every one of the details in between.

No product in the Béaba Babycook range contains any BPA, any phthalates or any lead. You can steam cook and blend your little one’s favourite foods into a delicious meal knowing that your Béaba Babycook is perfectly safe.

For an easy, fast and safe alternative to the daily routine, look to the Béaba Babycook range of baby food makers. You can yours right here today with us at Panda Kids!

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Panda Kids is Melbourne based, and proud to be putting more young families in touch with the kitchenware, toys and products that bring joy and ease to your every day. With Panda Kids, you can buy everything you need and have it delivered straight to your door!

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