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What are some essentials while travelling with a baby?

What are some essentials while travelling with a baby?

Are you planning for an outing but confused as to whether you should execute it or not because of your baby? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! The sole thought of travelling with a baby can seem petrifying but having a clear knowledge about the baby essentials you will require for the journey makes the whole process pretty smooth. 

So, take note of the following baby essentials and get ready to enjoy the much-needed break!

1. Japanese Nappies & Wipes
Merries Japanese Premium Baby Nappy

When travelling you should always carry an extra set of diapers as the one your baby is wearing might get dirty and leak over a certain period of time. So, to prevent your baby from irritation and rashes, carry a packet of Merries Japanese Premium Baby Nappy that has great absorption power keeping your baby dry for a long time. In addition, you should also carry a packet of wipes to clean your baby’s hands and face after meals.

2. Outdoor Hats & Sunglasses

Are you planning to travel with your baby on a sunny day? Don't forget to carry their outdoor hat and Izipizi’s Cinnamon Sunglass. These sunglasses come with polarised lenses that provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and come with flexible hinges which makes them absolutely safe and comfortable for your baby.

3. Baby Carriers
Babybjörn’s Baby Carrier

Carrying a baby when travelling can be a daunting task but not anymore as Babybjörn’s Baby Carrier is suitable for babies of the age group of 0-3 years and weighing anywhere between 3.2kg to 15 kg. These carriers come with a soft structure, waist belt, shoulder straps, and padded back support to keep it easy and comfortable for both of you. You can place them in four positions and support which will provide them with a sense of closeness.

4. Outdoor Skincare

Taking care of your baby’s skin is extremely important as it is sensitive and highly absorbing. To protect their skin from rashes and irritation, get your hands on Isehan Mummy UV Aqua Milk. It is waterproof, with the presence of SPF50+PA++++, and makes use of food ingredients. You can explore more of these best baby skin care products in Australia only at Panda Kids and reap their benefits.

5. Teether & Soothing Toys
EDISON’S Fruit Teether - Banana

Teething toys and soothing toys can greatly help in keeping your baby engaged and calm. Teethers like EDISON’S Fruit Teether - Banana provide your baby with some relief during their developing ages as they get to chew on them. Their fragile gums feel better due to the pressure which aids in jaw development. So next time you are packing your baby’s bag for a trip, don’t forget to consider their toys as baby essentials as well. 

6. Bottle Feeding & Baby Foods

Feeding bottles and baby foods are essential when travelling with your little one as they can get hungry anytime. Consider getting Pigeon - Breastfeeding Feeling Nipple Teats which is easy to use and the nipples are made of silicone rubber which gives them the feel and sensation of real nipples. These are researched and developed over 60 years of baby feeding movement. 

7. Baby Blankets
Tiny Twinkle - Baby Blanket

You need to also add Tiny Twinkle - Baby Blanket to the list of baby essentials as they will serve you many purposes during your journey. It can be used on a clean surface to change their diapers, as a swaddle, or even as a burp cloth. In addition, these baby blankets can also be used to cover their carrier or stroller and protect them from dust particles or germs. Make sure you consider checking the fabric, size, and weight of the blanket.  


Your search ends here! At Panda Kids, you will get all the products your baby or toddler needs in their day-to-day life. We understand your love and concern for your baby and this motivates us to provide quality products that are safe and easy to use. You will find an extensive collection of clothes, toys, nappies, skin care products, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best baby essentials now!

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