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How To Pick The Right Baby Diapers For Your Little Angel

How To Pick The Right Baby Diapers For Your Little Angel

Okay let’s be real, there are things in life that nobody teaches you and you probably have no idea how to do them. For example, things like how to pay taxes or how to choose your units in school. Well, we’re here to address one of those big questions, which is how to pick the right baby diapers for your little angel (although they might not be a little angel all the time).

As parents, you’d do anything to make the lives of your beloved ones as perfect and comfortable as possible right? So it only makes sense that you’d try to find the right baby diapers for your babies.

So here’s how to pick the right baby diapers for your little angel, made simple yet detailed. We’ll also include some of our best picks so you don’t need to spend more time looking (cause god knows as parents you probably already don’t have enough time).

1. What size should I get?

Let’s get started with the size of the baby diapers. Baby diapers come in multiple sizes, ranging from a size N all the way to a size XXL going from smallest to largest size. How do you measure baby diaper sizes you might ask, well, the answer to that question is body weight. 

Take a look at the helpful image provided by Merries, a renowned diaper brand, to help with deciding what size of baby diapers you should get for your baby.

The measurement table for baby diapers sizes also gives some more helpful information. The table shows what phase the baby should be in during that weight, which helps as an added bonus tool to determine if your baby is progressing properly!

The size of the baby diapers are very important. To put this into perspective, imagine if you’re wearing pants that are one size below what you usually wear, wouldn’t it feel uncomfortable due to the added tightness around your waist? The extra tightness could also cause issues such as stomach aches or stress marks around your waist. 

Similarly, if you’re wearing pants that are one size above what you normally wear, you’d have to constantly pull up your pants because they’re loose. A baby can’t do that yet, so what’s gonna happen is those diapers are gonna fall off and you’re gonna be left with a disaster to clean!

Pampers offers a large variety of baby diapers in multiple sizes, simply click here to look at the offerings they have!

2. Disposable or reusable?

Now that we’ve covered how you should choose your baby diapers sizes, let’s talk about the type of diapers you should get. 

There are two major types of diapers out there, there are disposable diapers, the ones where it is one use and you typically throw them out after the first use. Then there are reusable diapers, where  you can actually wash them once they’re full and reuse them. 

We’ll list both the pros and cons of each type to help you better make a decision. Yes, both types of diapers come with their own pros and cons and no it does not make you a bad person for choosing disposable diapers!

Every parent has their own choices and you should choose the type of baby diapers that best suits you and your baby’s lifestyle.

Reusable Baby Diapers

Pros of reusable baby diapers:

  • Reusable and eco friendly
  • More gentle on sensitive skin
  • Adjustable features
  • Has waterproof bands that keep leaks in

Cons of reusable baby diapers:

  • Requires a lot of effort to clean (deep cleaning and poop scooping)
  • Requires a lot of water and electricity in the wash
  • Reusable baby are also less absorbent 

Disposable Baby Diapers

Pros of disposable baby diapers:

  • Very convenient, simply toss it in the bin when you’re done
  • More breathable 
  • More absorbent
  • Has more sizing options in the market

Cons of disposable diapers:

  • Harsher on the environment 
  • Dyes and gels and fragrances are more likely to cause irritation
  • Pull tabs can rip during changes

In conclusion, both types of diapers have their pros and cons. It is really up to the lifestyle choices of the family when it comes to the choice of which one to buy. 

For example, parents who live busy lives and do not have a lot of time on their hands may choose disposable diapers because they’re so convenient. Whereas parents who are more eco-friendly may sacrifice the convenience and take a more environmentally friendly approach by choosing the reusable diapers. 

In both cases, the parents are doing absolutely the right thing to help raise their baby. None of them are wrong for their choice!

3. Features of baby diapers

Obviously when buying baby diapers, parents are super wary of what kind of features are present within the baby diapers. We’ve narrowed it down to three types of features that every parent should check for in their baby diapers.


The fit ties back to the size of the baby diapers, remember the examples we used regarding you and your pants’ size? Same thing here. A baby diaper fit is extremely important as it can either make blowouts and leaks happen more often or not happen at all (if you’re lucky too).

To ensure you have the right fit, you should look into the size of diaper your baby needs and choose one that’s suited for them. Don’t adopt the mindset of them ‘growing’ into their diapers, you will be sorry when those blowouts and leaks start happening and cleaning becomes a nightmare.

Again take a look here to see exactly what sort of size you should go for to get the best fit.


Absorbency plays a large role in how many baby diapers you’ll need to buy for your baby. A more absorbent baby diaper can save you loads on cost and storage space. However, you shouldn’t overestimate a baby diaper’s absorption capabilities, meaning you should still constantly check to see if they need to be changed. 

This is due to the fact that wet diapers that have been left on for too long can cause diaper rashes and severe irritation. Click here to access our range of diaper brands that we believe have high absorption capabilities.

Softness and breathability

Your baby is well, a baby. Meaning that their body is really soft and still sensitive to pressure. Which is why softness and breathability is another feature of diapers we included here.

A baby wearing a soft diaper that offers optimal breathability is more likely to have better moods and less of those itchy pressure marks around their waist. The softer the diaper, the more the baby’s skin will thank you. 

Again, I'll use you, the reader, as an example. Imagine if you were wearing a t-shirt with a rough material that chaffes, at the end of the day you’ll be itching to take it off and never wear it again. But, if you were wearing a soft cotton shirt that felt soft and nice on your skin, you’d have a better mood and you wouldn’t mind wearing that shirt for the entire day if you had to.

 It’s the same for your baby.

4. Buying smart

Lastly, we know being a parent is not cheap at all. In fact, it will probably be the most expensive yet most worth it thing you ever did. So as a finisher, we included a tip on how to save some bread during your early parenting years.

We recommend buying two or three bags of diapers first to test it on your baby, to see how they react to the diaper’s feel and material, to see how well the features of the diapers hold up to their pooping habits, and to see how well the size fits your baby. 

If all is well, then you can go ahead and pick up those mega jumbo value packs for your baby. If you had gotten the jumbo pack in the first place, your baby not being suited to the material would just mean you now have a large number of diapers just sitting there.

The bottomline

Being a parent is tough, but it is also the most rewarding thing in the world. Seeing your little angel grow up to become their own person is an amazing thing. We also understand that it is tough, which is why here at Panda Kids, we’re trying to make that journey as smooth as possible for you with our quality baby products.







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