Unicharm Moony - Large & Thick Wipe Travel Pack 45 Sheets Unicharm Moony

Unicharm Moony - Large & Thick Wipe Travel Pack 45 Sheets

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Moony Baby Wipes - Clean with just 1 sheet - Large & Thick

Since the sheets are large and thick, you only need one sheet to clean!

  • The cashmere-feel remains the same while the sheets are bigger. *One sheet cleans even for loose stools.

  • Large size that fully covers the palm of one's hand

  • One sheet cleans even for loose stools! Since it is thick type sheet, you can use it without any worries.*

  • Cashmere-touch material

  • The middle sheet of the 3-layer constructed sheet absorbs moisture.

  • Cleans off stool without any rubbing

  • Has a removal slot 3x* larger so you can take sheets out with ease!

  • These sheets make stool removal easy for even children that move around a lot, so there's no need to get frustrated! Also comes in an easy-to-carry size.

  • Additive-free, 99% pure water

  • Cannot be flushed down the toilet

  • Can be used for both the hands and body

  • Made in Japan

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