Anpanman - Take Anpanman! Press! Henshin Walker - 面包超人

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●Busy board, walker, riding, 3 types of play are available, and it can be used for a long time. 
●Aka-chan, come over here! Added unit function.
-The chat mode has been changed to 2 mode, and the chat of characters has been enhanced.  
Normal Mode "I'm Anpanman" "Genki 100 Bai!" "Ore Sama Baikinman" "Baibai Keen!" "I'm Dokin-chan!" "Wow Fun!"  
Come here! Mode "Let's
walk together!" "Kocchi Kochi!" "Let's Go!" ● You can easily change the Walker ⇔ rider without using any tools.
●Restricted weight: 20kg
●Set contents: Main body ×1 Anpanman doll ×1 Come with Akachan! Unit x 1 pair (right) x 1 pair (left) x 1 Screw x 4 Seat surface x 1 Joint x 1 Instruction Manual-
Batteries: AA alkaline x 3 (sold separately)

Suitable for 8 month to 4 years old