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Playmobil - Noah's Ark

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Guide the animals up the ramp two by two and onto the floating vessel, where they'll find plenty of room to roam. The larger animals, such as zebras and lions, can stretch out on the lower level. Here, the giraffes can also comfortably stand thanks to the open layout, perfect for accommodating their long necks. Smaller animals, such as the chimpanzee, orangutan, and meerkats, can wander around the upper walkway, while the birds can perch on the rooftop lookout.

With the help of the functioning pulley, load all the supplies and food that youll need for the journey. Once everyone is safely on board, stow the gangway under the roof. While perfect for water play, the two included rollers attach to the underside of the boat and make it easy to continue the fun in the playroom, allowing the boat to glide smoothly over hard floors and carpeting.

Set includes two figures, giraffes, zebras, lions, orangutan, chimpanzee, pandas, meerkats, birds, hay bales, food, buckets, pitchfork, and tons of other accessories.

Recommended for ages 4+. Suitable from 3+ years.

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