Melissa & Doug - Baby Soft Shape Foam Book - Counting

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Melissa and Doug Soft Shapes Counting Book feature foam pages and 10 detachable animal shapes for bathtime and playtime use!

Get your child excited for bathtime just like they would be for playtime with Melissa and Doug's Soft Shapes Counting Book! This adorable book comes with colourful pages plus 10 detachable animal shapes - all made with foam that lets children discover and explore heaps of textures as well as various shapes whilst learning all about different animals like the elephant, two lions, three monkeys and four alligators. It even helps encourage children to start learning how to count as they remove the included animal shapes by number.

As for bathtime fun, the included animal shapes float and stick on the sides of the tub, making Melissa and Doug' Soft Shapes Counting Book an excellent addition to your child's daily routine!


  • Melissa and Doug's Soft Shapes Counting Book includes:

1 Foam Puzzle Book

1 Foam Elephant Shape

2 Foam Lion Shapes

3 Foam Monkey Shapes

4 Foam Alligator Shapes

  • The textured pieces help smaller children get an easy grasp for playtime fun.

  • The included animal shapes can float in the tub or be stuck onto the sides of the tub for bathtime fun!

  • After playtime or bathtime fun, parents can encourage their kids to fit each piece in the book.

  • Product Dimensions: 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 4.5cm 

  • Suitable for children, 4 months to 2 years old.

Make your child's daily routine fun and exciting without having to rely on gadgets or smartphones with Melissa and Doug's Soft Shapes Counting Book!