Grosmimi - Straw Cup 300ml

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Product Details:

  • PPSU feeding bottle with straw suitable from 5 month old, capacity 300ml, bottle max temperature 200 ℃, microwave and sterilization safe, BPA free
  • Stage 2 nipple attached with Y-cut, suitable for 5-8 month
  • Using the silicone nipple as straw allows babies to learn using straw cup, also allows babies to drink while sitting down
  • The premium quality of silicone offers safety without any environmental hormones, and the smoothness of the straw protects baby’s teeth or gum
  • Transformable to straw cup(replacement straw needs to be purchased)
  • 2 air valves prevent any stomachache
  • Great for combined-feeding, the silicone nipple is in the shapes of mother’s nipples so that they fit appropriately to babies’ mouth
  • Wide neck, very easy to clean, please clean product before first time use, nipples are recommended to be replaced every 2-3 month due to hygiene concern