Grosmimi - Baby Spoon Trio Set w/ White Spoon Case

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-Product comes with 3 baby spoons and 1 white case, BPA free materials

-Baby recommended to start solid food from 4-6 months once ready, this baby spoon set comes with 3 steps of spoons for baby to use during different phases

-Step1: purple spoon, made of full silicone, guaranteed softness to baby’s mouth

-Step 2: pink spoon, straight end to be used to eat fruits like avocado/banana and wipe the food mess from baby’s mouth

-Step 3: green spoon, rounded shape to feed/eat porridge or soup

-Smart hygiene design: for step 2 and 3 spoon, when spoon is put on a flat surface, the lower part of the spoon does not touch the surface to ensure hygiene use

Country Of Origin: Korea


-Always use this product with adult supervision.

-Please wash before using.

-Do not use on other purpose.

-Always check food temperature before feeding.

-Avoid direct sunlight or fire.