Grosmimi Straw Brush

Grosmimi Straw Brush

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-Straw brush can be used on any types of straw(any Grosmimi straw cups, or feeding bottles with straw, please use mini straw brush for cleaning weighted straw parts).

-The unique slim metal rod design enables it to clean each and every angle of the straw.

-Straw brush length 25cm, usage of a long straw brush enables to clean the interior of the straw which ensures cleanliness.

-Nylon based soft bristle material, avoids damage to the straw.

-Easy handle for easy spinning while cleaning, straw brush can be hand up through the specially designed hook hole.


Country of Origin: Korea



-Please keep away from baby, not for baby use.

-Please wash before using.

-Do not use on other purpose than washing straws.

-Avoids direct sunlights or fire.