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BeanStalk - Snow Hakira Apple 45G

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Almost Gone

Product Description

1)About Hakira

Hakira contains both Ovalgen DC and Xylitol

Hakira contains Ovalgen DC and xylitol.
Tablet's shape with a hole is safe for children from around 1.5 years of age, when molars begin to grow.
They can be eaten as a snack, after meals, after brushing teeth, or before bedtime.
And since they are sugar-free with a subtle flavor, parents can enjoy eating them, too!

Verifications of shape and size

●We conducted a series of verifications with many prototypes to make sure this product can be eaten easily and safely by children around 18 months and up.

●We took the prototypes to pediatricians, dental surgeons and researchers of accidental swallowing by children, and asked for their advice.

●Pediatricians confirm that children eat this product safely.

HAKIRA is a great supporter for children to like brushing teeth!

Brushing teeth habitually is important for good oral hygiene, but many children dislike brushing their teeth.
However, many children tend to be positive about brushing their teeth when they know that they can eat Hakira after brushing teeth.

2)About Tooth Decay

Babies are not born with decay-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Decay-causing bacteria is known to be passed from parents or caregivers between the ages of around 19 months and 31 months.
Bacteria spreads from adults to babies by sharing a spoon, or huffing and cooling foods before feeding them.
So it’s important to take care of your own oral health and your baby’s to prevent tooth decay in future.

3)About Brushing Teeth

Since teeth development varies greatly from child to child, this teeth brushing method should be taken as a guide. Children should be able to brush their teeth on their own by the time they start school.

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