Yookidoo Bath Toys

Our Yookidoo range is perfect for kids that want to have more fun while in the bathtub or swimming in the pool. These toys are beautifully designed and made with safety in mind, ensuring that your little one is well accounted for at all times. Bring the iconic rubber ducky to life with a variety of different themes and watch as bathing and swimming become a favourite pastime in your household. Shop online with Panda Kids and enjoy great prices across all Yookidoo toys.

H2 Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station, Magic Duck Race and more

We understand that all kids are different, and that’s why we carry such a wonderful collection of Yookidoo bath toys. Whether you’re looking for the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station, Jet Duck Create a Pirate box or anything else, know that we have all your bases covered. Our water toys provide for endless fun and are always a popular choice. 

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