Oxo Containers

OXO Baby Food Containers – Available Here Online with Panda Kids

OXO make life easy with the containers that take the fuss out of making and storing nutritious meals for your child. Coming in a range of sizes and made of a durable BPA-Free plastic, OXO baby food containers are the perfect way to portion out and serve your baby’s’ meals.

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Take your snacks and meals with you

OXO food storage containers are perfect for taking snacks and meals with you on the go. They’re airtight, watertight and keep your bag, clothes and everything else free of leaks and drips. OXO products like OXO TOT Small and Large Bowl Set make serving up perfectly portioned meals for your little one a breeze.

OXO products make preparing nutritious meals and keeping your little one fed a breeze. You can look to us here at Panda Kids for all sorts of products from leading brands like OXO. With baby food handling and storage products like these, you’ll never be at a loose end again!

About OXO

OXO is an American brand that manufactures kitchen utensils and food storage products. For more than 25 years now, they have made homewares and kitchen tools that have delighted customers and made life easier in innovative ways.

OXO make many amazing products. Their ‘question everything’ approach to making life easier has seen them bring a childlike curiosity to some grown-up questions around the kitchen. Bring some of the creative flair of OXO into your meal preparations with products you bought here online at Panda Kids!

About Panda Kids

Panda Kids is a Melbourne based company that sells homewares, kitchenware, clothes and all sorts of wonderful creative and educational toys. We pride ourselves on being the online retailer that so many families have looked to for the things that make caring for their little one a joy.

At Panda Kids, you can find all sorts of products from the best brands in the world. Whether it’s OXO homewares, nappies, or Grosmimi feeding bottles, you can find it here with us at Panda Kids. We’ve made it our goal to make all the best products available to young families here online.

Panda Kids is Melbourne based! So, we’re able to ship orders directly to you fast. Shop with Panda Kids today to have the best that’s on offer delivered straight to your door.